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About Denishia Macon

At Macon Designs, I believe in creating effective visual communication solutions specialized for your company or small business. I began my creative entrepreneurial journey in 2013 and since then, I have worked to provide comprehensive design services from concept development to the final product result.


Trained in the art of Visual Communications with a degree from the University of South Carolina, I have the knowledge to go with my experience in the creative field. My skills encompass the knowledge of building a logo and branding identity, marketing materials, e-learning design, page layouts and social media graphics/marketing, with potential in video effects and video editing using Adobe Creative Suite. I have served clients in California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Connecticut, Louisiana, London and Australia, with more locations added weekly. 

Let my business, Macon Designs be the branding consultant that your business needs. My goal is to help your brand deliver its message in a profound way for your target audience. With attention to detail and your vision, you will surely have an amazing experience to amplify your brand's prestige and trust among your target audience.


You can trust that Macon Designs will provide efficient and effective professional branding services with your business growth in mind.

Branding Consultant, Creative
Denishia Macon

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